The Calgary Stampede Miniature Horse Committee organizes and runs the Canadian National Miniature Horse Show every year during the Calgary Stampede Exhibition. This competition feature a show that is approved by the American Miniature Horse Association, including a myriad of classes.


The Calgary Stampede and the Miniature Horse Show Committee are committed to planning and delivering the annual Miniature Horse Show to a standard worthy of Canadian National Status, while simultaneously ensuring that administration of the show is efficient and effective. To achieve the foregoing objective, reliance is placed upon Calgary Stampede policies and guidelines as well as AMHA rules. Accordingly, exhibitors/participants must familiarize themselves with the governing policies, guidelines and rules. It is an expectation that all exhibitors/participants will comply with entry and substitution deadlines, move in and release requirements, shot box requirements and be on time for the pre-show measuring of horses. It goes without saying that all persons, in any way involved with the Miniature Horse Show, are expected to at all times, conduct themselves in a courteous manner.

Company Overview

Purpose: To preserve and promote western heritage and values. Agriculture Vision: Create meaningful year-round experiences for urban and rural audiences on Stampede Park by producing/hosting signature programs that feature animals, showcases, and western events.


The Calgary Stampede is a volunteer-supported, not-for-profit organization that preserves and promotes western heritage and values. Best known for the world-renowned 10-day event, the Calgary Stampede is active year-round.

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Our Committee organizes and runs the Canadian National Miniature Horse Show!